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The first release from Bleecker starts out with a predominantly acoustic sound. In more ways than one it is ‘basic’ and a lot about five young men getting to know each other musically… and behind the music, personally. The five-piece band evolved from an acoustic trio playing cover songs and the odd original number at bars and pubs in the small town of Halmstad, by the coast in the south of Sweden.

First to join the original trio, was the accomplished bass player and all around good guy Petter Dolk. And with bass there had to be drums. And when there were drums, there was no turning back. By the second album, Subject to Change, the mood and style is slightly more confident. The acoustic tone is more often replaced or accompanied by electric guitars, and there is more room for the signature drum sound of Anders Fredriksson.

Guitarist Markus Lundberg, once a scholar but soon a professor of Rock Esthetics, found new ways to carry fellow guitarist and main songwriter/singer Tobbe Månsson, leading to a more extrovert sound. The fact that piano and organ always play an important part in the Bleecker music, is explained by the brilliance of Mattias Thisen Hjelm.

Coming up in a time when musicians were expected to have the attitude of the Gallagher brothers and claim world domination like Howlin’ Pelle, Bleecker never really found its way through the noise to the wider audience. But man it was fun!

Bleecker: Skivsläpp
Bleecker - Talk Though I.jpg


• 2020 05 01 •

Bleecker drops an epic rock song that has it all. Great lyrics and melody, great production, a heavy ending and a feeling that you want to hear it all again... immediately! Jens Bogren has produced and the band really shows what level they are at.

Bleecker - NYC.jpg


• 2020 03 27 •

Where do you go from New York City? It's a very good question that the guys at Bleecker ask themselves. With a fast tempo and drive, this rock song is a given on many AOR lists. And the question is waiting to be answered.

Bleecker - New Day.jpg


• 2020 02 21 •

The rock band Bleecker continues to republish their works. We are now at the songs that were the last to be produced. The sound is harder, tighter and more modern. This banger fits in any rock playlist!

Bleecker - Sanity.jpg


• 2020 01 10 •

The first single of the year from the rock quintet Bleecker is Sanity. The chorus is significantly harder than the average of the songs on the already released albums, and indicates where the band was going when they took an indefinite hiatus.

Bleecker - Subject to Change.jpg


• 2019 11 08 •

The second album from Bleecker was a very serious production with the genius Jens Bogren behind the wheel. Productions and songs of the highest class were the goal, and we really think they achieved the goal. Overall heavier than its predecessor, but also more dynamic.

Bleecker - Just Another Last One.jpg



• 2019 11 01 •

Bleecker isn't really an active band anymore, but when we got the opportunity to republish their song catalog, we couldn't say no. This is their first album that came out as a physical product back in 2003. Well-written songs about life's ups and downs in stylish packaging.

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