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Jonas has been on the Swedish and European rock scene for a long time, but mainly as a guitarist. He has played with many Swedish artists, and even contributed with some songwriting. Now is the time for him to invest in his own artistry and material!

Jonas Thornberg: Skivsläpp
Jonas Thornberg - Highway Patrol.jpg


• 2020 10 02 •

With clear influences from the 70's Stones sound, Jonas offers a real rocker here. It sounds as vintage as it can, and the song contains everything from well-arranged choirs to a really messy guitar solo. The lyrics should be interpreted as a call ... anything is possible if you just give it your best.

Jonas Thornberg - Superman.jpg


• 2019 08 30 •

The second single from this guitar ace is a swinging mid-tempo song, where the guitar has been given the foremost place in both sound and arrangement. Superman was recorded during the same session as the first single Cold, so if you liked it, you will be happy this time too.

Jonas Thornberg - Cold.jpg


• 2019 04 26 •

We are very happy to have Jonas Thornberg in our artist roster. This guitarist has toured with many of Sweden's leading rock and blues artists, but now it's time for him to be at the forefront of the stage. The first single COLD is a roots-scented rock piece, where Jonas musicality really shines through.

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