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Mats Rådberg was born on June 8, 1948 in Stockholm. He started his career in the 60s in the band Rank Strangers together with his older brother Anders. The country band changed its name to Rankarna a few years later, and they became pioneers and the standard-bearers who were at the forefront of bringing country music to Sweden, and straight into the hearts of the Swedes. Rankarna has always been the mothership of Mats Rådberg's career... the fixed point he always returned to after solo projects and collaborations with other artists.

During the 70s and 80s, one success came after the other. TV show, records that sold millions, countless chart toppers, sold-out tours and the radio played Mat's music frequently. Mats Rådberg and Rankarna also made a couple of trips to America where they got to play on stages that many other bands only dream of being able to perform on.

In 2019, a new songwriting team contacted Mats Rådberg that wanted to make his final record. His own words about the collaboration: "when I thought everything was over and done with, you brought me out of the shadows and gave me the best material I've ever been involved with". Mats Rådberg passed away June 27 2020, after fighting cancer for a long time.

Mats Rådberg: Skivsläpp
Mats Rådberg - Epilog.jpg


• 2020 12 31 •

With the album Epilog, Mats Rådberg's long and successful career ends. The six songs are the last that Mats recorded before he tragically passed away during the summer of 2020. We are very proud of the music we managed to make together, and that we can share it with you.

Mats Rådberg - Släpp inte taget.jpg


• 2020 11 27 •

Mats Rådberg has posthumously released the last single, before his musical work ends with an EP on 31/12. SLÄPP INTE TAGET is a beautiful song about hope and being able to see the light in dark times. Jonas Thornberg is behind the music and Peter Russberg has written the lyrics.

Mats Rådberg - Till okänd station.jpg


• 2020 10 30 •

One of the last songs recorded with Mats before he left us all. Here he sings about the fear of the inevitable, and it's hard to imagine anything more powerful and honest than this. The grand ending of the song completes the experience.

Mats Rådberg - Apokalyptens hästar.jpg


• 2020 06 12 •

With lyrics that describes the fear of leaving the world to their children in a worse condition than before. It was written long before the ravages of the pandemic, but feels completely relevant even from that point of view. Mats once again delivers an honest and catchy song in the country style.

Mats Rådberg - Motar gubben i grinden.jpg


• 2020 05 25 •

A song about being old on the outside, but still feeling young at heart. A serious subject, wrapped in a rocking and positive country costume. To feel like a young rebel in the mind is probably relevant for many who have come of age. Mats puts into words what many people feel.

Mats Rådberg - Stanna tiden.jpg


• 2020 03 13 •

First single from the closing chapter for Mats Rådberg. This is his greeting to his wife, a retrospective description of all the good times and feelings the years have brought, as well as a wish to stay in the good. Stop the time for a moment, like a photograph.

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