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Vilsna delivers a dark tone accompanied by the raw weight of the instruments that are all permeated by a modern, progressive flow. On top we find this attitude filled yet melodic vocals which holds a firm grip in your hand throughout the soundscape. The band was born just before the today well-known pandemic that brought the world to its knees, but now gives in and finally opens up. For Vilsna, this means the opportunity to share their vigorous sound that has arisen from the silence, longing to finally be able to be heard freely.

Vilsna: Skivsläpp
Vilsna - Delirium.jpg


• 2023 02 24 •

Through lenses we see upon ourselves, just to slowly wither. Through addiction and what it brings, a never ending nightmare. Black letters in the fog that is now your vision, spells delirium.

Vilsna - Writings on the Wall.jpg


• 2022 11 04 •

We all carry a second voice, some louder than others and driven by a desire. An inner dispute between self made up lies and sananity. Will you give in to a state of schizophrenia?

Vilsna - Lost.jpg


• 2022 09 02 •

For the times we don't recognize ourselves. Through loss and grief we come out as a different version of ourselves. To become Lost is another part of growing.

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