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Born on the Swedish west coast, Filippa showed early signs on being interested in singing and music. Brought up on Led Zeppelin, old blues and AC/DC, she was constantly surrounded by music and took her first singing lesson at age of twelve.

In 2019 she moved by herself to London to study “Popular Music Performance” at BIMM university. Her stay in London made a huge impact on the singer and gave her the first taste of who she might, someday, become. Her fondest memory is singing her version of “Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks at “The Half Moon Putney”, getting response from the audience like she never experienced before.

She is drawn to music that makes her feel and think, and hope to make the people listening to her music feel the same way. When writing she likes to be visual, create pictures in her head or make up an imaginary story while writing; still somehow reflecting back to reality. Sometimes looking at your song as a story instead of just a melody with words can create so much more emotion. 

Some artists who takes up a special place in her heart are Leonard Cohen, Stevie Nicks, Lana Del Rey, Nick Drake and Monica Zetterlund. 

She also has a great interest in writing poems, reflecting on thoughts we all deep down might have. One of her dreams is to release a poetry book one day. Her goal at the moment is to release an EP before the end of 2023, and let the outside world be touched by her voice, thoughts and words. 

Filippa Borgman: Skivsläpp
Filippa Borgman - Broken Man & A Shoe.jpg


• 2023 04 28 •

In the midst of the 2020 quarantine, this song was born. Sitting in her city apartment gazing down over the town hotel, images quickly came to mind. The song is a story of something that never really happened, but perhaps could if the singer kept going in the negative state of mind she once was in.

Filippa Borgman - This Time Around.jpg


• 2017 05 20 •

One of the first releases on Strawtown, and Filippas debut song. AOR at its best with great lyrics about having the courage to take new steps in life. The song won the local music competition P4 Nästa.

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