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Launched in the summer of 2023, TUSH captures the unbridled energy and raw power of the '70s and '80s rock legends. With solid guitar riffs, cool bass lines, and hard-hitting drums, their music is a deliberate homage to the era that defined rock music, ensuring each song delivers a punch whether played live or on record. Their debut single, "Dreamers," released in April 2024, serves as a rallying cry for all who dream of becoming a rock star. It combines high-energy melodies with a vibrant rock spirit, appealing to both longtime rock enthusiasts and newer audiences. TUSH isn’t just revisiting the past; they’re bringing classic rock into the present, offering a fresh take on a timeless genre. Their sound is a bridge between the iconic and the contemporary, making every note a tribute to rock’s golden days and every performance a testament to its lasting impact.

Tush: Skivsläpp
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• 2024 04 26 •

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