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Emerging from the realms of punk and hardcore, and starting his musical career as a guitarist in various bands during his early teenage years, the step to electronic music can seem quite far. But VoltTone does not limit himself to what his past tought him. The curiousity has always been there when it comes to synths, samplers and drum machines, and when Covid slammed us out of the ordinary, he endulged himself in the artificial world of sounds.

VoltTone knew that a conventional DAW was not for him. The productions are made entierly with external hardware, giving him less options and the focus to deliver something done in the moment. His music is as close to a live performance as it could be, still sounding polished and hard hitting.

VoltTone: Skivsläpp
Volttone - Control Your Mind.jpg


• 2023 09 01 •

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