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Vendela was born and raised in the southern half of Sweden. Her passion for music has always been a central point in her life. In her early years, she repeatedly participated in talent shows - both small and large - and she always came out a winner. Vendela's lyrics are direct interpretations from her notebooks and diaries... raw and true emotions based on real life experiences. The music has its own messages and often changes through the songs, just as emotions can do in life.

Vendela: Skivsläpp
Vendela - Elixir.jpg


• 2019 11 15 •

This slightly calmer song from the fantastic Vendela is a good example of how broad she is in her songwriting. The meaning of the text is, as always, taken from her own life. With nice vocal parts and a well-polished soundscape, ELIXIR is a worthy addition to Vendela's song catalogue.

Vendela - Freak.jpg


• 2019 09 06 •

The follow-up to TEXTURE is a poppy EDM-scented masterpiece. The verse and bridge are dressed in cinematic soundscapes, but then comes the twist in the chorus. Something completely different... something almost shocking at first listen.

Vendela - Texture - REMIX.jpg


• 2019 07 31 •

The original version of TEXTURE got a fantastic reception and has become a strong release for Vendela. Producer and DJ Liam Wahlbeck was part of that production, and now he's releasing two remixes that push TEXTURE to new levels.

Vendela - Texture.jpg


• 2019 05 09 •

TEXTURE is Vendela's first single under the Strawtown banner. The song is a nice hybrid between electro-pop and slightly harder EDM. Designer brand All Reclaimed By P used the song during their show at New York Fashion Week in September 2019.

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